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Changing Energia Font Colors

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Hello Group.

Is there any way to change the color of comments in a sketch?

The default grey color is very light and hard to read on my Acer computer and I would like to make it darker and maybe a different color.

I tried changing to a different font and that helped a bit.

Thanks for your help,



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As Energia is a fork of Arduino, the same settings apply. 

  • Call the menu Energia > Preferences and select a larger font.
  • Open the file theme.txt (located at /Applications/Energia.app/Contents/Java/lib/theme/theme.txt on macOS) and edit the corresponding settings.
# foreground and background colors
editor.fgcolor = #000000
editor.bgcolor = #ffffff
  • Go for the preferences.txt file (located at ~/Library/Energia15/preferences.txt on macOS) and edit the corresponding settings.
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