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Iron Man Halloween project

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Well for some reason, I keep trying to be Tony Stark for Halloween. If it's because of my devilishly good looks, or my penchant for electronics and inventing I'll never know. The year the first IronMan came out, I ran to my local hardware store and threw together a chest arc reactor that I think turned out pretty well (I can't find pictures.. but I'll dig some up in a bit) but now I want to design a PCB to accompany the arc reactor and some opinions from the talented people of this forum would help greatly. Of course at the heart will be an MSP430, but past that I don't know what parts to use. I think I'd like to do something like this:




and that way, i can make the arc reactor as thin as possible, and the batteries will be in the arm. then make a repulsor cannon that will charge up really freaking bright, and throw a flash bulb at the peak maybe?


I'm looking at the Luxeon Royal Blue LED's that sparkfun sells but I'm open to any suggestions with LED's that people have had any luck with.


Any tips would be appreciated!



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