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[Group Buy-7]IV-18 VFD Clock - $20

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Update!   Tayda------ Received Tubes------ Received Mouser----- Order placed PCB-------- Passed customs

To estimate switch and inductor current:   (Output Voltage / Input Voltage) * Output Current * 2   That will give a reasonable derated value.   The size of the inductor does not determine the cu

In this environment, we're experimenting. There are no guarantees or warranties. I am glad the community found this problem before it baffled me.   I think it would be fair to run this as another

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Ok guys, ready to order. If you notice a problem anywhere in the cart, please let me know.



Store link

This is a group-buy for CubeBerg's extraordinary VFD clock for which he made a BoosterPack. You may include some other 43oh boards too if you like. There is place in the small priority box for 4-5 PCBs and kits like Lars LCD Button and Touch as well as Rob's USB development kit. Thanks for making this a success.

Please note: Customers who are not in the GB list below will have their orders cancelled.


Thanks everyone and especially cube to order most of the parts! The Mouser order will be in next week and your orders will start shipping out then.

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Order placed! I really like the OpenCart system, took me under a minute to register with full adress info and another minute to checkout with paypal. Excellent!


NOTE for blue#:

I forgot to add an note to the order, I'm blue aka Philipp Stenkamp with order #447, so don't cancel that one please :D

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