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[Group Buy-7]IV-18 VFD Clock - $20

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View all our past group-buys here. This is number 7.

This is a group-buy for CubeBerg's extraordinary VFD clock for which he made a BoosterPack. I'm still awaiting a response from this ebay seller for the background color - clear or dark. I'm hoping to get clear.
Ok, we are going to strikeout the previous list and restart again. as the prices are revised.
The GB spreadsheet is here.

Kit includes Tube, PCB and components. You will have to putit together.
Price/kit US Shipping : 19.3
Price/Kit International: 21.67

Please read the notes. Limit two per member
Let me know if you find errors in the spreadsheet.
LIMIT is 30

[COPY and paste your name to the below list if you want in. If you don't, you will not be on the list. Why? Going through 10 pages of GB to see who requested how many is not accurate and time consuming. Internationals, please add $5 to your shipping charge]
Bluehash ------------ 2
Rob ------------------ 2
Internations(I) ---- ?

See this post for latest info.
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Update!   Tayda------ Received Tubes------ Received Mouser----- Order placed PCB-------- Passed customs

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Yep - if we can get up to 15 pcs, it'll run about $4.11 each before shipping. Thanks a ton for putting together a group by bluehash!


More the better. Thanks for the awesome pack and working on the software. I'm also looking into getting the kit for the members of this gb. I'll try to pack them with the tubes/

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I actually forgot about a couple of features in the video - I'll work on a new one once I knock out the alarm feature.


We'll need to look at sourcing the Max6921. Prices are pretty high ($9-$10) at low quantities, but drop to < $6 at 25+. Unfortunately, digikey only has 35 and Mouser has 53. Any other places to look?


MC34063 is dirt cheap about anywhere thankfully.


Bluehash - I'll upload the version of the PCB with the corrected footprint for the DS18B20 and without the Seeed order #. Any other requests for the PCB? Color?

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I'm keen for a few - no idea what I'll do with 'em, but can't hurt to have 'em! Kits would be fantastic; otherwise it might take me a while to scrape together enough components to make shipping certain components to me in New Zealand cheap enough...


Bluehash ------------ 2

Rob ------------------ 2

Cubeberg------------ 5

SugarAddict--------- 5

GeekDoc------------- 2

NullColaShip---------3 [international]

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