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LaunchPad Sensor Shield

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Hello, its my first post on 430Oh, sorry for my terrible English.

I'm starting to design "Arduino-like" sensor shield for Launchpad. I would like use my Arduino Bricks and a lot of my own small extension module to work with Launchpad and Energia software.

The main features of the project:

- each Launchpad pin connected to SIP3 connector (arduino sensor compatibile GND/VCC/IO, for switches, buzzers ect),

- dedicated connectors EH4 for I2C interface (arduino sensor compatibile GND/VCC/SDA/SCL, for RTC, EEPROM, NXP PCF's),

- dedicated connectors EH4 for UART interface (arduino sensor compatibile GND/VCC/TX/RX, for RS232, USB-serial, Xbee, ect.) with possiblilties to switch (RTX jumper) RX<>TX signals (soft/hard MSP Uart),

- SPI connectors (like Atmel IDC6 pin with RESET replaced by SS signal, for SPI LCD's, SDCARD, Wiznet solutions), with possiblilties to switch (SPX jumper) MOSI<>MISO signals (G2231/2542/2553),

- small 3V3 power supply for sensor (LM1117-33), with routing power sources (PWX jumper: 1-3[ON] sensor powered from Launchpad, 1-2[ON], sensors powered from external supply, lauchpad from USB, 1-2[ON]+3-4[ON] all external),

- 4bit independent level shifter (ADG3304) for external 5V level circuit (powered from external 5V), with HV1 dedicated for 5V serial communication (I2C ex. SAA1064/ 232 ex MAX232), HV2,3 dedicated connectors for 5V sensor, and HV dedicated for 5V SPI circuits.




PCB files ... comming soon...

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... small bricks prototype board. Supported for 3/4 pin sensor and DIP8/SO8, SOT23, SOT23-6 mounted on prototype part.

For easy use board included decoupling cap (0805) and two pairs Pull-Up, Pull-Down resistors (0805) (for ex. I2C terminating) and a few 0805 prototype components.




Pcb's coming soon...

Traxmaker documentation:


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