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2.2" Color LCD Booster Pack with Touch

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I am working on a new color LCD booster pack featuring 2.2" display. The board will work with two types of displays, one with touch screen and one without. TSC2046/ADS7846 controller or MCU's analog

Another test, this time some simple on/off buttons. Once I polish this a little, I will add it to GitHub so that users can contribute.  

If you're tight on budget, a cheap solution to using SD cards is soldering a  7 pin male header directly to the pins of a microSD-to-SD adapter. You can insert microSD cards just as you'd do normally.

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Is there a pre order for there goodies? :D


Looks awesome as always RobG! Will keep an eye on the 43oh store. Hopefully I can manage to get one of these before they sell out. :D Any info regarding the touch chip and what all is required to get it to work? Either way, a 2.2" SPI based screen for that price is darn nice regardless.

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Not sure if I should laugh or cry, but it seems that this board is cursed.

After unsuccessful tests with my first board, assembled and tested the second one, still no touch.

Took a closer look at the LCD, bam! datasheet is wrong again, Y-, X+, Y+, X- are actually Y-, Y+, X-, X+.

No wonder the touch chip didn't work.

Looks like it's going to be another 3 weeks :(

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