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Strange problem with multiple LP connected to the same PC

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There is a menu item "Serial Port" under the tool menu. I suppose it is for selecting which LP / com Port to program? For example:


LaunchPad A is connected as COM24.

LaunchPad B is connected as COM44.


LaunchPad A is running an LCD program, nothing goes to the COM port.

LaunchPad B running an internal temp reading program, output at COM44 the temperature.


Now I wanted to run the Fade example on LaunchPad B. I am pretty sure I have selected LaunchPad B, COM44 in the "Serial Port", and checked the serial monitor that it is in fact getting Temp data from LaunchPad B, and also on the lower right hand corner it reads "LaunchPad w/ msp430g2553 (16MHz) on COM44". However, pressing the "Upload" button will program the 430 on LunchPad A (COM24)...

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The LaunchPad uses the onboard JTAG to program the MSP430 rather than the Serial port. Hence the selection of the Serial port does not have an effect on which LP is getting programmed. When you hit "Upload" it will most likely upload to the LP that you first connected. Being able to select which LP gets programmed through the menu's would be a nice enhancement. Would you be so kind to file an enhancement request on https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues and I'll see what I can do.

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Thanks Rob and Robert! I have always thought the COM port and composite device are referring the same thing. No wonder the serial monitor still spitting out values until the very last moment the LP is done with being programmed, everything make sense now.


Pic from my PC.. i used to check the COM port only, neglecting the existence of the other composite device Texas Instruments MSP-FET430UIF for the programming. (sorry for the Chinese characters but I don't have an English Windows at home)



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