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AIR BoosterPack Library

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If you want to have opions to cross-over with other platforms like the TI-Chronos and other RF modules I would suggest using the simpliciTI setup as a base. This is fairly simple to use and has proven to work good with the Anaren boosterpacks. I have a set of 4 working doing different tasks.





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If you go for the Anaren stack, make sure the license is compatible. At the moment, it's not very open-source friendly.


Another alternative is the BSD-licensed TI-library that I based this on (slaa325a). It's very simple, but as a simple alternative to SimpliciTI it could do. I agree with CorB that SimpliciTI is a good option.

Quick question larsie...


Just so I understand there are really three different libraries being used with the air booster pack. Anaren's and two TI ones. The BSD license one quoted above [slaa325a] and another one that is some other license (includes the mrfi library stuff)?


I am just getting started and was a bit confused about the two different offerings from TI...



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I never replied to this one, it seems. I guess I can do now, almost exactly a year late  :-)


As far as I can remember, the SimpliciTI license was quite a free license, but only with permission to run on TI hardware. Not sure what it is now, but one has to make sure it's compatible with the other licenses you use. But I haven't looked at their licenses for a while, so it may have changed. Anaren used to have one which mandated you run on their modules, and the simple TI library was BSD (which is very free). 


Has anyone ported simpliciti to Energia? I'm in a hurry :-) since i have to go to a Makerfaire-like event on Wednesday and have nothing to show!

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