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TimerSerial Vs hardware UART Code size

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Doing some experiments with an older LaunchPad (rev 1.4).

With a MSP340G2553 (hardware UART):



Commpiling a small Sketch with serial communication found that the code size generated by the compiler

is smaller using TimerSerial than the code size used for hardware UART:


Target Board: LaunchPad w/ msp430G2452 (16MHz)




Done, 1358 bytes written <---- Using TimerSerial


Target Board: LaunchPad w/ msp430G2553 (16MHz)




Done, 1930 bytes written <---- Using hardware UART


any idea?

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There is one Sketch only.

Is compiled using diferent options (target Microcontroller).

Both of them are working correctly (taking care of inverting TXD and RXD lines ).

When the target is MSP430G2452, the compiler will use TimerSerial library because there is not a UART available.

The compiler produce a more compact code when simulate the UART, a strange result in my opinion. :?:

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