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LaunchPad controlling up to 8 RC Servos

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Here's my take on controlling RC servos with LaunchPad. Again, I am using my favorite shift register, 74HC595 (later I will be adding another example which will use 74HC164.) Since the voltage may b

Short answer is all servos will work at the same time.   Servo requires 1ms-2ms pulse every 20ms. Because of that, we only need one CCR to control all servos at the same time. We shift start time o

Thanks to you both, worked like a charm!!   I replaced the original code in the while loop in the ADC ISR with oPossum's formula to set the servo positions:   const int adc_min = 0; /

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Yes, using const will usually put stuff in flash rather than RAM. This is not part of the C/C++ spec, but rather an obvious and common optimization done by compilers for embedded systems. Some compilers may require a special #pragma or other directive to ensure placement in flash - CCS and MSPGCC do not. Linker files can also be used to effect proper placement, but that is usually only done in special cases.

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Thank you for posting all this sample code. Not being a C programmer, I'm still a little confused by it but I'm learning.


I have a question though, when watching all the videos I noticed that the servos only rotated 90 degrees, which mine did as well. Is this just the way the way the 430 handles servos or is there something I can change in the code to allow a full 180 degree rotation?



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