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Shift registers with USI?

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Has anyone used shift register (595 and 166) with USI?

I can't figure out how to use USI with neither of these chips (but they work correctly software) and i was unable to find any tutorial on them (and the TI code examples aren't helping much).

I've been trying all day and getting a little desperate, and no matter how much i look at examples or looking at the TI documents I just can't seem to get working.

Any help is much appreciated!

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thank you! those where the code examples i was looking for shift out!

Is there any way to use 74hc166s with USI? I've got a full tube of them.

As I see it is just not possible, as it need a rising clock when the PE held at active state, and there is no option for such a thing in USI.

I just searched USI, but it did not give me any results, although USICTL0 gave tons... i always forget that search engines are not human beings.

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