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Hello all from Mexico city

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hello my name is Alejandro Garcia :lol: , I'm from Mexico City and I am an engineer in electronics and communications, my short time working only pics I've used the microchip, I started programming with PIC16F PIC18 then and now the pics32mx, I have developed different types of hardware, my greatest achievement has been a board with color screen 7-inch touch screen with USB host, the heart of the board is a microcontroller pic32mx512.


I have had many desepciones with picsm :cry: and now I want to start using IT mics, I bought my MSP430 Launchpad and a clock eZ430-Chronosy soon acquire a STERALLIS


well I hope to share the little that turn and you know what I did my first show and was managing a 16x2 lcd


Saludos y hasta luego


Note: sorry if I wrote something not good but I'm using google translator I can not speak very good English

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Welcome Alejandro!


I thought that seemed like Google Translator. :)


I hope your English is good enough to read all the great projects posted here!


English is hard, but keep practicing, and don't be afraid to post here. We'll figure out what you mean, or ask you. :D


Bienvenido Alejandro!



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