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pa blo

[Solved]Studio F*cked mi cc2500

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I had the simulator configured, not the fet debugger, when this happens no interrupts can occur by themselves.


Hi, this is a wonderful site, i am happy to have found it, ive been using ez439-RF2500 for a while now, suffering the painfull non-help we get from TI, and i need your help.


i tried using smart rf studio to reduce the data rate of my cc2500 so i used smart rf studio as instructed by some really smart TI employee in e2e, so i mrfispiwrote those values that correspond to the low data rate reccomnded values from smart rf. and then my code just froze in mrfi_init waiting for an interrupt flag to set. an i dont know what to do, both my boards compile other codes, i guess cc2500 got somehow misconfigured.


halRfWriteReg(IOCFG0,0x06); //GDO0Output Pin Configuration

halRfWriteReg(PKTCTRL0,0x05);//Packet Automation Control

halRfWriteReg(CHANNR,0x03); //Channel Number

halRfWriteReg(FSCTRL1,0x08); //Frequency Synthesizer Control

halRfWriteReg(FREQ2,0x5D); //Frequency Control Word, High Byte

halRfWriteReg(FREQ1,0x44); //Frequency Control Word, Middle Byte

halRfWriteReg(MDMCFG4,0x86); //Modem Configuration

halRfWriteReg(MDMCFG3,0x83); //Modem Configuration

halRfWriteReg(MDMCFG2,0x03); //Modem Configuration

halRfWriteReg(MDMCFG1,0x23); //Modem Configuration

halRfWriteReg(MDMCFG0,0x3B); //Modem Configuration

halRfWriteReg(DEVIATN,0x44); //Modem Deviation Setting

halRfWriteReg(MCSM0,0x18); //Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration

halRfWriteReg(FOCCFG,0x16); //Frequency Offset Compensation Configuration

halRfWriteReg(FSCAL1,0x00); //Frequency Synthesizer Calibration

halRfWriteReg(FSCAL0,0x11); //Frequency Synthesizer Calibration

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Your mails sounds as if you did have "working" code, what were the settings you were using before ?


Also i dont see all values you can set reported back, FREQ0 seems to be missing which is part of the frequency.

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