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[S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack

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Success!   The only issue so far - I flipped the header for the plug-in board for the tube in the schematic and didn't flip it on the PCB. Had to solder it on the other side, no big deal.   I'm c

Update - demo video recorded and added to first post!

Whaaaa, 22 ohms isn't the same as 22k? *smackface*  

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Thanks for the link Gordon! The Ice Tube Clock design documentation by Lady Ada also has a lot of great information as well, including links to some other sites with information about VFDs. Seems like not a lot has changed since the 90's.


Also - this board could actually be used to drive other VFD's, as long as you know the electrical characteristics. Swap out caps and resistors and you can have different voltages for the filament and segments. I'm actually considering making different daughter boards for some of the other NOS VFD's available (IV-11, etc), but I'd probably only make a few boards as the other tubes seem to be much harder to find. I've got a supplier that I'm looking at for the next batch of IV-18's if we end up making more - should be able to get a good price on a few other types to play with.

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Quick update - I've got the DS18B20 code working separately and I'm working to incorporate the logic into the application. I've also got alarms working, but I'm still ironing out the interface to modify values.


Future Plans:

GIT repository

Ability to receive GPS data over serial to set time


I had planned on being much further by this point, but work has demanded a lot of extra hours lately. Updates are still coming along nicely though!

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