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[S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack

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Success!   The only issue so far - I flipped the header for the plug-in board for the tube in the schematic and didn't flip it on the PCB. Had to solder it on the other side, no big deal.   I'm c

Update - demo video recorded and added to first post!

Whaaaa, 22 ohms isn't the same as 22k? *smackface*  

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Hm, might be possible on the 2452, not on the 2231 (that's a 16 pin dip, right?)  Since you've got a 1.4 rev launchpad, I'm not sure if the hardware changes might affect something.

With the 2452 - you don't have hardware uart, so you'd have to pull that code out - so you're definitely looking at changing some code.

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I tried building the 2.1.1 version and get the following errors:


Description Resource Path Location Type
unresolved symbol check_alarm, first referenced in ./main.obj IV-18 C/C++ Problem
unresolved symbol one_wire_setup, first referenced in ./main.obj IV-18 C/C++ Problem
unresolved symbol owex, first referenced in ./main.obj IV-18 C/C++ Problem
unresolved symbol utoa, first referenced in ./main.obj IV-18 C/C++ Problem
Never mind :-) 
I resolved the reference problems by including the one_wire *.asm files and added the check_alarm definiton in the main.h  header -- build now proceeds with no errors


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Look at PCB Pick, 22 ohm and 22k are flipped.



Tube isn't lighting up for me =( .

Max voltage I can get out of the boost is ~27V. Is this too low?

Yes my 5V jumper is hooked up and working.

Yes, I hooked up the 3 NC pins to the 3 on the pcb.







Tube wiring:



I had 2 left over 10k resistors that I didn't see a place for... besides that, i'm out of ideas. Is there a static voltage I could apply between 2 pins of the tube to see if it will light up?


Edit: Fixed


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@@username 27v is a bit low - you need between 30 and 50 to light the tube - it's at least good that you're getting something though.  Did you check the resistors to make sure they measure as indicated on the silkscreen?


Does the voltage go up/down if you adjust the potentiometers?  


There are two really critical parts to lighting up the tube.  1 - voltage across the filament (direction doesn't matter - see pins 1 and 13 on the sheet) - connect one side to gnd and the other to 5v across a 22 ohm resistor (it's really supposed to be something like 1.2v - the resistor takes care of keeping the current low).  The second part is the 30-50v - if I remember correctly - that has to be applied to both an anode and at least one grid pin.  

***If you see anything starting to turn red - pull your connections and start over.  You have a few seconds before you fry something thankfully.


Pinout is here - http://www.ladyada.net/media/icetube/IV-18.pdf

Not really sure what the 10k resistors would be for...  The only ones used on the board are the adjustable pots.  


My main laptop is on the fritz right at this second - I'll take a better look @ everything tomorrow night.  


And one other thing - are any parts on the board getting hot?  

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