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TLC5951 8 RGB LED board with MSP430

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Here are two more boards from the TLC series, one with 5050 SMD, the other with 5mm RGB LEDs.

Both boards have TLC5951 24 channel LED driver, MSP430G2553 (or similar,) 24 pin output header, LDO, input header with all TLC's input pins and MSP's programming and RXD pins connected.

They will be available as a bare PCB or partially populated kit.


Other TLC boards:






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5mm ones are much brighter than 5050s, but that might be because of the lenses.

5050s are much better when it comes to color mixing and angle of view.

5050 are better for mood lights, 5mm are better for disco lights :)

5mm are common anode (or cathode) so you cannot connect them in series.

BTW, if you want to go with 5mm and have nice and even light, I would not get clear ones.


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FWIW: I've scuffed them up with a "Scotchbrite" pad to turn the clear ones into diffused pretty successfully.


Or a quick run on a belt sander will make them flat top 'diffused' leds. Spreads the light even better.


I find the best for color mixing that people will see directly on the LED is the diffused 10mm, but they're expensive in comparison to 5mm RGB so I tend to just flat-top the ones for color mixing.

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