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2553 in PW28 package

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Totally missed this post. Sorry for the late reply.


You will have to tweak the pins_energia.h in hardware/msp430/variants/launchpad and add the additional pins and map the pin numbers of your board to the appropriate port/pin. I would suggest that you create a new variant directory for your board, copy the LaunchPads pins_energia.h to that directory and modify it to suit the your board. Then add your board to the boards.txt. This file is in the hardware/msp430 directory.

Make sure that you use a unique name for the variant and the board prefix in the boards.txt file.



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here is the pin file updated (my brain is mushed) for MSP430G2553IPW28R
based on this:



The original file came from energia-0101E0013


As for the board file I started getting new errors on compile if I create a whole new entry, so I just updated the entry for the 20 pin msp430g2553. That means the 28 pins replaced the 20 pins, cant have it all !


lemme now if you know how to update the board file properly or find errors on the file attached



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