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Expanding device-support for Energia

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I'm pretty confident that Energia will become one of the most popular 'Blink my first LED' solutions for beginners who want to explore TI's value line MCUs, and Energia already supports the most common variants of the MSP430G2xxx series. I really like the arduino-ish feel of Energia and it has a lot of potential, however the device support is (yet!) quite humble.


Talking of 'boards' as the Arduino people are used to ('Leonardo' for USB compatible atmega32u4, 'Uno' for atmega 328p ..) Energia only supports the Launchpad by now. However I was able to program the standard Blink example to the Ez430F2012 with Energia's default G2452 profile without any errors. :angel: I think it should be quite easy to add an entry for the Ez430F2012 and the matching F2013 target boards to Energia's boards.txt or programmers.txt and I'll try it as soon as I have some spare time.

I have absolutely no experience at all using mspdebug standalone and I don't know in detail how Energia utilizes it to program the chips, but I'm really curious about how hard it can be to add support for the F5510 for example.


The OLIMEXINO manual reads:

OLIMEXINO-5510 is intended to work with Energia - an Arduino-like IDE for MSP430. The

community is working on adding full support for Energia. At the time of writing this manual such

support isn't fully added but it is on the way.



Are any details about this active development available, or is there a way to contribute? I can't wait to use this neat little 12,50

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Hopefully support for the FRAM boards (I have a couple of MSP-EXP430FR5739) will make it into an Energia binary release soon. Sounds from the discussion in the links that folks have patched relevant sections and gotten it to work, but my experience with attempting to build Energia from source have been uniformly flaky.


I'd love to use Energia on those boards, however. The FRAM platform seems ideal for a small data logger.

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Hi, I am trying to add support for a custom PCB to Energia. It has a MSP430F5510 with 24 MHz crystal on XT2, nothing on XT1.

Unfortunately the Spy-Bi-Wire is not exposed.


I found some pointers in issue #70 and tried to modify the code:

  • in hardware/msp430/cores/msp430/wiring.c: UCSCTL4 = SELA__REFOCLK + SELS__XT2CLK + SELM__DCOCLK
  • in hardware/msp430/libraries/USBSerial/descriptors.h: USB_XT_FREQ* from 4 to 24

A simple USBSerial sketch does not show up as an USB device at all so far.

Could you please provide some pointers what else is missing to support the MSP430F5510 in this setup?

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