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Mailbox Notifier

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Very cool project. Question for ya on the msp430 jeenode code. Was this tricky to set up and do you have any suggestions on using them? I've got a pair of rfm12b's as well and have been considering trying them out sometime. Just want to know what sort of issues you ran into (if any) while playing with them.

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I have to say that I was about to give up on the RFM12B's before I found the MSP430 Jeenode code.

I was simply not able to get the modules working. Once I had the Jeenode code, things went fairly quick.

The protocol I am using is fairly naive and simplistic (on top of the Jeenode sutff): 1-byte packet type, and 1-byte payload :D .


Once I got things working, I did run into a couple of things:

First, The module only has a 8-bit receiver FIFO. So once the module signals that there is data, it must be read straight away.

Second, for the module in the mailbox I needed good battery time. As the module does not receive anything, it was fairly easy to get done (but still took a couple of hours to figure out). In the case where data should be received as well, there is a way to improve battery life, but I haven't tried it yet. Unfortunately, the reference manual for the modules is not the best out there, meaning that a lot of trial and error is needed.


I'll get the code ready for public eyes soon. Currently it's a bit scattered across my computer :oops: .

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Did you use this tool to configure the RFM12B :

http://tools.jeelabs.org/rfm12b ?


Hmm.. I think I have seen that site before. But no, I didn't use it -- I just stuck with the defaults in the MSP430 code :-).

I have some more RF-projects coming up, but I think those will be based on the CC2500 instead of RFM12. Mostly because I have quite a few CC2500 modules lying around.

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