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[Group Buy-6][D]MTK3339 GPS + BoosterPack - $14.26

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Anybody interested in another one? We had the first one here.   Cost of GPS: 14.26 No. of units: 20 Shipping cost: 25 Total: (14.26*20)+27 = 312.2 Each unit after shipping from China : 15.61  

Just arrived.. should be at your homes by next week!  

ok.. GB closed. Payment info in first post.

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From re-reading all this looks like the base GB is for the GPS module only.. so Im adding a booster PCB to the list. That way I will actually be able to use it..


Bluehash - 10

Cubeberg - 1 + 1x 43oh Booster

GeekDoc - 1 + 2x Rob's logger board

OppaErich - 2

djun - 1 + 1x 43oh Booster

gmtii - 1 + 1x 43oh Booster

DandD - 1 + 43oh Booster

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