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Hi from Columbus Ohio

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Hi guys/gals.


I'm new here and to msp430. I bought a LaunchPad from TI today because I was getting sick of trying to get my PIC programmer to work. I hope the msp430 is easier than pic. I kinda bought it spontaneously because the chips are really cheap. I'm nervous that it is going to be difficult to salvage 3.3v parts from electronics or even make more current projects more expensive (since I would have to buy 3.3v parts instead of finding them)


My first project.


Garage door opener (will create another topic for it later)

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No worries about the MSP430/LaunchPad being difficult, especially having microcontroller experience. I'm new to microcontrollers myself, and it's dead easy for me. Write some C++ code, hit "debug" to load and run, watch it go!


Not hard to find the right voltage parts, either. Most of the parts I have, though normally used at 5v, the data sheets list 3v (or less) as minimum voltage.


I look forward to seeing your project. You're a bit late for the December Project of the Month, but maybe enter in the January PotM contest. bluehash has been coming up with some great prizes!

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Welcome pro547!

You can interface 3.3V to 5V digitally by simple circuits or even a buffer chip. If your having trouble with that, let us know.


You may still have a chance to enter the December Project of the Month Contest. Lets see, you joined on the 18th and the contest closes on the 25th. All you need is 4 more posts.

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