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Everybody here certainly loves the MSP430LaunchPad. But its is not easy to communicate info from the controller to the outside world. To switch some LED on and off is the most you can easily do.

Larsie (Lars Kristian Roland), a member of this forum made a wonderful project, a LCD booster back for the MSP430:


These are available in Larsies shop or in the 43oh shop. I lately bought one of thouse. To learn how to program the LCD controller, I first made some font demos and then the game here.


For an interactive game you need some buttons. On Larsies booster pack there is space for 4 small push buttons. I did not have buttons this small. Instead I made a small board with 4 larger buttons and connected them with a small ribbon cable.


The game displays a good guy icon (you) and several bad guys icons. You can cotrol the good guy using the for four buttons. The bad guys move around and you must try to avoid them. If a bad catches you, the game is finished.

At the beginning, you may choose 4 levels from easy to hard.


====> The code for the MSP430LaunchPad can be found here: <======



Here are some pictures:


The "key board"


The start screen


The game screen:


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