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FRAM for Dummies

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I used to be a fan of the dead trees, but in several downsizings over the past decade I cannot count the number of boxes of books I have gotten rid of. I am fairly certain that I would spend no more than an hour with this book, and then hold onto it for a decade before tossing it.


I have also become quite fond of working entirely from my laptop, and keeping my entire reference library in PDF format. I'd really like to get this book in PDF format and keep it on my HD so I can reference it if/when the need arrises.

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FWIW, IAGARA... Since Aug 10th, I haven't seen my book nor heard from Mouser about it.

I reordered today but at least this time I got a page that said "Your order is on its way."

Even regular snail mail from Mouser (at least in Mansfield, TX) is only a day away. That is

why I order from them. We'll see what happens....

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Registered on 11, no email and not received the book yet. But honestly i do not expect it delivered in a month or two, cuz I think it will be in snail mail. They might even ship all orders only after the quota is filled up (do it in one single batch). I'll be thankful regardless :)

After 3 months of waiting finally got my copy! Thanks! :)

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