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$4.99 Stellaris (Cortex-M4) LaunchPad

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FYI: Some kind of self-promotion I modified my stellaris Launchpad to work with a single-cell LiPo battery. Turned out that there is some kind of research involved, instead of just plugging it in.

OK, let's get to work...  

Hi there!   Good news. $4.99 Stellaris (Cortex-M4) LaunchPad coming soon!   http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad_site/ ... -launchpad

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I just looked at the estore and it's still $4.99.



Yeah.. Just looked again myself.. And the price is back to $4.99.. I did look in the estore earlier though and if it wasn't for the pic posted earlier by ike Id be doubting my sanity :)


And yes, my expected shipping date is 9th Nov...

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Both of my LPs are on their way too. Expecting them every moment.. :-)
Mine shows in transit, delivery tomorrow. Yay!
Looks like TI is shipping them now, mine will be here tomorrow (as estimated.)


When you guys get your boards, it will be good if you show some love at Stellarisiti

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