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Laser cut box for launchpad

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Looks like you went for tactile buttons instead of the capacitive sensors. A little less sexy, but way more reliable. ;)


Looks nice. Would be cool to have access to both a 3-D printer AND a laser cutter!


I sort of like both the tactile and the capacitive, and they both seem to work ok (with various pros and cons, mainly what you're mentioning). But for the sexy-enclosure, captouch is definitely preferable. In this case :), it ended up as a tactile one.


3D-printers are becoming more available and getting lower cost, such as the printrbot. Laser cutters are still expensive, but this case could also be done with a CNC. I have a CNC that I've built myself and cost me less than a couple of hundred dollars to build. Not that this is an insignificant sum, but it's much less than a laser cutter. With the stepper board someone else is building here on the forum, one can even control it from a Launchpad :)

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I must admit this case would look even more sexy with Rob's display in it :think: His display-board really looks very nice.


My LCD is now back in stock in the store, so we'll see what the interest is like. It's a very different type of display from Rob's of course.

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