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3-axis stepper driver

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You would probably get much better response by starting your own topic.  Just title it with something descriptive; perhaps "Need help with 5 axis stepper controller". 


More members would see that title (and possibly answer) than will see your single post in this thread.


Good luck!

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It looks like you have two components on the back side of the board, moving those to the top would greaylu improve producability (single batch paste, placement and reflow without using adhesive)

Just out of curiosity; you use arched tracks while most people stick with the 45 degrees angles design, why?

The tracks leaving from the stepper drivers are very wide, wider than the pads of the driver. while this may add to the ability to conduct high currents, you decrese the spacing between the tracks, which restricts higher voltages. As a rule of thumb, keep 1 mm clearance per 100 volts. I think you can best keep the tracks no wider than the pads to solder the feet of the drivers to.

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