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Need some SEO help

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Hello guys,

I'd like some help with seo for this forum. It seems that none of the forum links appear on google. Only blog posts come up. I had some help from Cubeberg(Thanks!) a few weeks back as he had pointed me to it first. It improved, but not for long.

I can provide you with info. Just let me know what you need.


Edit: replaced xpg by cubeberg.. mistake.

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I'd suggest taking out the *.php restriction. I'm wondering if the forum allow (one has a case issue that needs to be corrected) isn't specific enough to override the php denial. You've already blocked the wp directories, so removing the php denial shouldn't cause you any problems.


Oh - and google's webmaster tools has information on why URLs aren't being crawled, as well as a robots.txt validator and generator. Might be helpful to compare a generated file based on what you want vs what's in there currently.

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You should also set some more keywords and a better description:


Some more keywords: Motor, Servo, LED, RX/TX, UART, USB, Ethernet, SPI, ISP, Spy-by-wire, SBW, bluetooth, shop, microcontroller, avr, mega, atmega, compiler, Controller, MCU, Board, JTAG, Debugger, Programmer, Embedded, Hardware, Development ... maybe repeat some category-titles


You use Google Analytics? It should show you where the users come from and what they were looking for (keywords and searchengines they where using - you can use these for building a pool of keywords) ;)


Maybe you also want to use subdomains because Google handles every Subdomain as a own domain ;) (forum.43oh.com, store.43oh.com, etc. )

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