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Chronos and interrupts

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Can someone explain me how the chronos software is working? (Openchronos)


If i understand the code correctly it runs in low power until an interrupt (button or timer) is received, then performs the requested operation and returns to the low power main loop.

That is the simple explanation, but there are request flags, real interrrupts, display flags, timers etc. I'm a bit confused what the actual flow inside the software is. For example, is the display update (new lcd characters) trigered by a timer which then calls on the software routine to fetch/measure new data to be displayed? Or is the display update trigered by the software routine which measures/provides new data (which in turn is trigered by a timer). Or are the display update and measurement both independent?


And what if i want the chronos to be doing stuff in a while loop, for example listen on the radio for new packets received. How would i transfer to this while loop and would it ever be able to get out and would the display update etc still function?

Or are there interrupt flags for "radio packet received" perhaps ?

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