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Chronos and simpliciti

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I'm fairly new to embed and msp430 development but i have some background in pc processors, architectures and software (c++).

I'm having some trouble with the chronos and simpliciti software stack, i hope someone can help me with these problems.


I'm working with the chronos development tool and the 430RF900 development kit. What i want to do is send some measurement data to the chronos display. Refresh rate in the order of 1-4Hz. I was planning on using the simpliciti protocol for transmitting the data, it's easy (or should be) can be low power and works well with these radios.


So far i have been able to add an extra menu to the chronos and display some random values there. I havent been able to setup a simpliciti link on the chronos. It seems the current implementation of simpliciti on the chronos is only for transmitting data. While i would like to setup a point-to-point link or at least set the chronos as the acces-point where it listens for incoming packets. Preferably the watch will sync with the sender and only listen for short periods of time when a next packet transmit is expected, but this is for version2.0


So has anyone got the chronos working as an acces point or with a ptp link in the simpliciti stack?

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