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MSP430F5510 USB Development Board

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MSP430F5510 development board, inspired by xpg, with LaunchPad compatible headers.  

First batch ready for shipping. The board will come with unsoldered headers and switches and will look assembled like the one top center (that one is going to Energia folks, board #1 ) The cost for

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Looks like an amazing alternative to LP when you need USB or more pins, flash, ram. Nice work!


Just noticed you criss-cross the USB D+/D- lines with a via. It has been discussed elsewhere in this forum that it's better not to (although I don't know if it's a real problem or just exaggeration). One solution is to enter through the corner and connect to the pads from the "inside" of the chip.


EDIT: Maybe a CCW 45

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The design guide tells you to limit the number of vias, but they are OK.

Route the high-speed USB signals using a minimum of vias and corners. This reduces signal reflections and impedance changes.

I did consider doing something like below, but I am not sure if this will be any better.

Placing 5510 or USB on the bottom layer would probably be the best solution here.

Are there any software USB diagnostic tools I could use that will show mi transfer errors?






Also, relative to some other designs out there, I don't think my design is that problematic.






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