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Program corrupted by lightning

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First off, my MSP430 and my home were NOT directly hit by lightning and I would not expect the MSP to survive if it got a direct hit.


I have a few Launchpads connected to a computer running 24/7 measuring temperatures using the internal MSP430 sensor. I'm using a modified version of the application that comes on the Launchpad. It has been modified to not require the button push to start transmitting temperatures over the virtual USB com port.


The first time I had a problem, the Launchpad had been running for a few months when a lightning storm came along. After the storm I noticed the temperature was off by 15 or 20 degrees. I assumed the ADC part of the chip got fried so I replaced the chip and programmed it with the same program. The Launchpad was back working again and reporting good values.


Later through testing I found that the original chip that was in use during the lightning storm worked fine after re-downloading the program to the chip.


A more recent lightning storm caused one of the Launchpads to completely stop sending temperatures. No amount of unplugging and pluging in the Launchpad or rebooting the computer would get the Launchpad working again even though Windows saw the virtual com port of the Launchpad. After using CC to re-download the program to the same chip, the Launchpad was sending good temperatures again.


Has anyone else experienced this? The computer connected to the Launchpad is plugged into a UPS which should provide some amount of protection and NO other electronics in the home were hurt by these storms. Other than the USB cable no other wires are connected to the Launchpad. Any suggestions for reducing the chances of this problem?



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I have not noticed this yet, have you checked your home grounds? I have an MSP430 running as a lightning detector and have had no trouble with it except that the tank circuit I used to narrow detection to 300KHz is the most finicky piece of electronics I've ever worked with.


It is in its own plastic case with a protoboard. Not in the LP itself.

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