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LaunchPad Pin Assignment

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OK, I'm back from vacations. Please comment this schematic guide to use Energia with the LaunchPad v.1.5 an the MSP430G2553. Some corrections made (Sun Aug 26, 2012): -S1, LED1 and LED2 are not val

Rick, thank you for the pins number.   It seems that Energia has defined P2.0 for CS and UCBA isn't implemented:   /** * File: usci_spi.c - msp430 USCI SPI implementation */ /** * spi_initializ

Something like this?   Please refer to the Energia wiki at :arrow: http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware

Posted Images

The plan is to do a new release with FraunchPad support at the end of the month (Sep). In the meantime, all files are checked into the Energia github repository. There are still a couple of functions to implement but it is pretty complete as it is. I would love some help with testing the current code and filing bugs for things that are broken.



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Is PUSH2 incorrectly shown connected to P1_5 on all of these pictures instead of on P1_3?

Yes, It does appear wrong in the pictures. It should be drawn next to P1_3.


Thank you for pointing this error.


New release has it fixed. PUSH is P1_3 now.


The originals are on my website: http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/launchpad-msp430.html


Enjoy :smile:

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The pinout image/summary for the Stellaris LaunchPad is in the making.


I need first to know which pins and which ports Energia plans to implement.


I've submitted a first draft yesterday.


Stay tuned!


awesome! Looking forward to it!


Also, I linked the pin assignment page in the Energia wiki from TI's BYOB (Build Your Own BoosterPack) design guide... Hopefully potential BoosterPack makers can refer to the pin assignment images to ensure that their BoosterPacks will work with the core APIs in Energia out of the box!

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