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LaunchPad Pin Assignment

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It would be nice if the information about PD_0 and PD_1 being connected to PB_7 and PB_6 was a bit clearer and more obvious

on the diagram.

How about putting gray boxes with PD_0 and PD_1 in them next to PB_7 and PB_8 (under the gray box for Reset).


That would be consistent with the gray = hardware, and would draw more attention to them (i.e. watch out!).


Also, the 1.3 version of the pin maps seems to be very hard to find.  

(I checked several places before finally found it in this thread.)

The links above to your web site are broken, and various other places I have found seem to just have older versions.

It would be nice if energia.nu had the most recent version.


(Yes, I just spent some time trying to debug a problem, then suddenly remembering  the rule -  DO NOT USE PD_0 or PD_1,

well, not if you use SPI, etc.  Of course I had one of the older copies of the diagram, which didn't even have the shunts mentioned.)

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Thank you for your feedback.


Actually, release 1.4 provide answers to most of your suggestions for the Stellaris LM4F120 or Tiva C Series TM4C123 LaunchPad.


I'm afraid you don't realise how much work designing and maintaining the pins maps for each LaunchPad and BoosterPack represent.


On top of that, the pins maps are located in many different places:

Unfortunately, the 43oh and Stellarisiti forums require to upload the images, making the process unnecessarily repetitive and time consuming. 


Please refer to LaunchPads and BoosterPacks Pins Maps for the updated and maintained pins maps.


Thank you!

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