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RFID-Reader w/o special chips

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Hi all


this will be my second project using the MSP430 (via Launchpad) to read RFIDs of 125 kHz and 134 kHz (used for animals).


I would like to get deep knowledge, so I won't use any special ICs. As the frequency of the RFID is quite low running and decoding any signals with the MSP430 should be possible.


so...stay tuned and/or provide any suggestions via this board

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The TMS3705 provides an LF Front-end for TI's LF, which can be made to support ISO 18000-2 HDX. 18000-2 FDX is more difficult because it uses backscatter modulation. The TMS3705 is really basic -- it doesn't do much protocol at all, but it will give you an LF front-end and a ref design for the antenna in a SOIC-16. There's also a dev kit for it.

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