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Capacitive Touch BoosterPack

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Touch_test.txtHi everybody


I owned for a couple of months a LaunchPad + Capacitive Touch BoosterPack but being mostly an Arduino guy, my progress on understanding and programming C for LaunchPad was rather slow.

To my delight, I discovered Energia about a week ago and LaunchPad came back to my attention.


As a first project, I tried to reproduce the functionality of original firmware which came with Capacitive Touch BoosterPack.


One thing I cannot figure out, and here I'm asking for your help, is how to put the uC in low power mode and how to get it out from LPM.


My work is based on code posted on github by mr. Anton Smeenka.


The only modification I made, was in Touch.h where I changed

#define MEASURE_TICKS 312


#define MEASURE_TICKS 30


because I find the pads on Touch BoosterPack were too sensitive, many touch pins were triggered when only one pad was actually touched.

Because code is quite long to insert it inside the message, I attached it as a txt file. If you want to load it in Energia, please rename it with ino extension.

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