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Very cool! I hadn't thought of doing this with a set of remote-controlled outlets that I picked up in the after christmas sale.


Curious, does the remote controlled socket use a relay or some sort of solid-state alternative?


I ask because if it uses a TRIAC or solid state relay and it can switch fast enough(probably limited by wireless protocol) you can rapidly switch it for pwm.

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I would like to use a Launchpad to control 8 relays, could this same code be used by making some more "ledPin"'s, one for every relay. Is the code converted to work on a MSP430, because it looks like it is done for an Arduino? Could someone give me some example how to edit the code so that it can be used for 8 relays?

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Energia == Arduino for MSP430 so yes, the code will run without modification on a LaunchPad.

Energia can be downloaded here: https://github.com/energia/Energia/downloads

You can use the following code to toggle any pin on the LaunchPad:


digitalWrite(, HIGH);
digitalWrite(, HIGH);


Replace with the pin name according to the silk screen e.g P1_4, P1_5, P2_1, etc. You can find the pin mapping here:




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