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New MSP430G2xxx Value Line chips?

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Hello everyone.


I did some mucking about in my include directory after the recent CCSv4 update and found some interesting new headers...


On my blog I've done a writeup on what I was able to extract from those headers.



I hope you all find this informative.


Oh, and thanks, TI, for letting me do some detective work! :P


EDIT: Now updated with flash size information. Check it out.

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Aside from the flash size being the major difference (and calibrated speeds), I assume they have a full portB gpio.


But again, it just seems like they are cannibalizing the msp430f2xxx line with these new valueline chips. Anyone know a TI engineer that can explain the reasoning?

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according to the ti value line roadmap


http://www.ti.com/ww/en/mcu/valueline/i ... e_Line&HQS


scroll down to the "100 new device"


the next batch is 64 devices w/ up to 8k flash, this may well be what gatesphere discovered in the new headers. the new feature would be just 2 full 8 bit ports, plus capacitive touch. and 20 pin dip packages


I was expecting a UART for RS232 comunication :(


the next next batch is 68 devices w/ up to 16k flash (assume no header files in the new CCS), these will have uart and more io pins (port 3?), but the extended io may not be available in dip packages, as dip devices will only be offered up to 20 pin.


i hope i had interpret the diagram correctly.

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I read it the same way simpleavr. But then again, ttssop is relatively easy to use. And the launchpad is limited to the 2 port packages at max anyway, onboard atleast. By the time the next next batch is released, I'm sure TI will have a Launchpad2 or something. Tssop zif socket maybe?

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a) Do these chips have BSL ROM? The current G2xx1 do not have BSL ROM.

B) Are the link command files for these chips in the newest CCS? If so, they should show the size of RAM and Flash.

A) I don't know. I didn't see anything about it in the headers though.

B) Yes, they are. I just didn't look into it. I suppose I will later today, and confirm.

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Incorrect... looks like I was right for at least the G2452. It lists flash length at 1FE0 = 8160 bytes ~8K. I'm looking into the others right now, but I'm assuming I am correct.


You're correct about the RAM though. Which is a good thing.


EDIT: Just updated my blog post, check it out. I was right about my predicted flash sizes. Thanks to OCY and NatureTM :)

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