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The only chip with a hardware UART that works with the launchpad is the msp430g2553. This is the chip that comes in the latest versions of the launchpad you can buy (V1.5). If you bought one last year and you have the 1.4 board, it came with an msp430g2231 msp430g2211. You have to use the TimerSerial class to get Serial print functionality. There are also solutions in the code vault section of this site that don't use Energia that allows for serial port access without using a Timer.


However, the TimerSerial current version of Energia doesn't really work with your chips. I posted a fix for someone in the last week. He made the changes and was able to get it working with his msp430g2231. You should search around the forum looking for articles about Serial/TimerSerial/msp430g2211/msp430g2231.


In a future version, I'm going to change the wiring.c code so that it will create a Serial class instance that is appropriate for your chip.



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