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Eagle parts for MSP430G22xx

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Here's an EagleCAD library for the 14-pin DIP value-line chips (probably good for any 14-pin DIP MSP430). I just corrected/modified the one bluehash posted from Enrico (his package design was too narrow [so to speak]).


There is only the one part, with two package variants: oval pads and round pads. Hope this helps someone. ;)


(Seems odd to zip a 6KB file, but system won't tale a ".lbr" file. :? )



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I have a library with G2X01, G2X11, G2X21,G2X31 devices. I copied and changed the symbols and packages from TI`s library so they look very similar. I haven't finish it yet, there are a couple of devices with QFN packages missing, but I guess most of us use DIP, so if you like I'II upload the file here if someone want to take it a look

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Here it is, if anyone found problems with the symbols please tell me in order to correct them



I'm not experienced enough with the other packages to tell if the footprint is correct but, for some reason, TI has all the DIP packages at a 0.3" width between rows of pins. :( DIP packages should be 0.4" between rows.


Just editing (widening) the N14 package should fix the whole thing. :D


EDIT: Just looked at the LaunchPad board's Eagle file (from TI), and they have the socket at 0.3" too! Good thing they didn't manufacture from the Eagle files!


Or, maybe they did. Then they had to dump an entire run of boards, resulting in a huge shortage of LaunchPads at *ahem* launch! That explains it! :Dtheory>

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I checked for other DIP packages on EAGLE (Microchip, Analog Devices, etc) and they all are the same. I was looking this datasheet;


there you can see the 0,4" width at the tip of the pins and the 0,3" width near the CI body.

I found this other as well;

http://www.ece.tamu.edu/~jinyilee/ecen4 ... torial.pdf, in which you can read (Pg. 17):

"For standard ICs (op-amps, logic, etc) the distance of spacing between the columns of pins is

300 mil and between rows of pins it is 100 mil."

I'll do some more research to find out how it should be done

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