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TLC5940 board

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IC1 - MSP430G2553IN20

IC2 - 3.3V or adjustable LDO, TO220, output on the center pin.

IC3, IC4 - TLC5940NT


R1, R2 - 2.2k (~18mA) see datasheet for other current values

R3 - 47k

R4 - 0ohm & R5 - unpopulated when used with 3.3V LDO, when adjustable LDO is used, see datasheet for R4 & R5 values.


C1, C2 - 0.1uF

C3 - 1nF

C4 - 10uF or bigger/10V or more, depends on the supply voltage

C5 - 10uF or bigger/6.3V or more

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