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TLC5940 board

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43oh store  Link

Tindie link


UPDATE: Booster Pack version is now available.

Any interest in the TLC5940 board? Need a filler for my next Seeed order :smile:

32 or 16 LEDs (2 x 16 header)
Two or one TLC5940
20pin MSP430G2xxx
TO-220 LDO/regulator (TO-92 will work too)
RX/TX UART, programming, GPIO header
2" x 2"
All DIP and through hole parts



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Dang, I wish I saw this earlier. I've been working on a stackable TLC5940 boosterpack with a MSGEQ7 and a preamp.


I had the idea of making a small tower of these, 2-3 + launchpad and using it as a graphical equalizer.


I'll post the schematics when I get home if any one is interested.

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