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Updated compile of mspgcc and mspdebug on Linux

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I was able to successfully compile the complete mspgcc and mspdebug.

This compile has been perfomed with the most updated gcc compiler GCC4.7



However this has a special provistion that C++ language is enabled and the installation is in a custom location at user space.


I wish if any one could verify the compile steps and let me know the feeback.

As this was the first time I compiled with C++ enabled.



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I have started a project in github to create the scripted compile and download of mspgcc components.


This project would provide with examples for makefile based projects for Launch Pad and also for advance MSP430 processors.

There is also a plan to provide an easy to use makefile generator script to help speed up the project development.


For the easy of the users, I did the complete build and packaging of the MSPGCC + MSP430libc + MCU files and mspdebug.

The same has been tested for Ubuntu Linux 12.04. Hope that this release should be compatible to most of the updated Debian Linux flavours.

Here is the Download link: https://github.com/AdharLabs/mspgcc-build-linux/downloads

You can directly download the first release:



I would like to know feedback and suggestions.


Kindly help me out to make this innitiatve successful.


Thanking you,

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You can use my build script (attached to this post) (as a starting point) on two conditions:


- I do not wish to provide any kind of support whatsoever regarding this script. It works and works well, has been for quite a long time now, and I am pretty tired of listening to statements to the contrary.


- I do not wish to be associated with this script in any way, shape or form (otherwise #1 is bound to happen)


I am also completely uninterested in any enhancements, bug fixes, colored output, error handling, and whatever else you can think of. Basically, you grab it, do whatever you want with it, and I never want to hear of it again.


If you can live with this, by all means be my guest to re-use it. If you can't, consider the offer void. ("You" means anyone and everyone who wants this piece of code.)


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