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WS6318 GSM Booster Pack

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Okay. There is the yet another LP booster pack. It is for communication over GSM network.






Now I have several working prototypes. PCB has couple of bugs but booster pack has full functionality. Soon, I will correct all the errors and give a full description. Schematic is in the attachment. If anyone suggest any modification or expansion of the functionality - this is a chance to introduce them into the final PCB tracerouting.


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This looks great Aleks!


What do you think about using SIM900 module instead? Not sure about price difference (SIM900 is ~$25 shipped,) but SIM900 is definitely easier to solder.




Yes, I looking to the SIM900 for the next. There is an another reason for it - WS6318 works only in European RF band (900/1800).

But I am so delighted with probably the smallest GSM module size and has decided to first make the booster pack with WS6318. SIM900 looks huge compared to WS6318 and probably have to abandon the built-in antenna on PCB.

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How would you get the phone company to give service for the device you made?


I can just imagine calling up those folks and trying to explain how I hand soldered a GSM card to a circuit board and want to get on their wireless network..!

You could use a disposable sim. Example: ATT

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Did anything further happen with this? I'd like something around the SIM908 and SIM900 in case anyone else has done it already and I can chuck some money their way instead?


Yes, this story continues. Now I produce a small batches of boosterpack based on WS6318 (900/1800MHz) for my customers.


Libraries and examples code are still in progress.

Also I have developed and prototyped a new WISMO228 based boosterpack (quad band).
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