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Hello all, just stumbled on the forum and decided to stick around. I am an engineer, mostly designing hardware, including MSP430/Luminary and occasionally dabbling in firmware and VHDL. My main concentration is digital design, though analog is always fun as well. Oh, and I collect interesting old test instruments and blog about fixing them (or trying to)

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I am a big fan of Luminary too. What kind of test instruments do you have? Links are not allowed till 3 posts, but put down your blog with spaces in them.. just the blog name.

I like Luminary and their libraries- once had to get a project done in two weeks at work, and they literally saved the day. Want to do firmware update- sure, use this library and call that function. Done..


Let's see, so far I have:

Fluke 8842, Fluke 8000A, Agilent U1252A, HP54645, BK 1698D, Wavetek 35XP, LG FG-2002C, Sinclair PDM 35

My blog is kuzyatech . Will add it signature when allowed- don't really want to post empty messages ;)

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