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Lately, I've only been occasionally checking in to see the latest 43oh news. Seen that a few of the guys are leaving or taking breaks. I somewhat took a break for a few reasons. 1)The gardens needed a lot more work this year and didn't feel much like sitting inside at the desk. :) 2)I was pretty sick of getting emails a few times a week that basically read "I liked your project and thank you for your code, but I want the project to do XXXXX. Please rewrite and send to me." Usually, they weren't even that nice. :evil: 3)Managing a C&D while going through the patenting process. Sucks to be the little guy. :silent:


Well, the C&D lawsuit process is pretty much over and my project is canned. I've told a few "programmers" off and not so politely for their "help" requests. And, now I've detached my bicep and headed for surgery on Wednesday to get fixed so gardening is out for the rest of the year.


So, I've gotten the hardware back out and have been playing around with a few more ideas. Just ordered one of the color booster packs from the store and pretty excited about tinkering with it. Hopefully you guys have some cool projects going on.


BTW, anyone play Portal2? I need some co-op buddies to play with while I'm sitting around for the next 6-8 weeks. These painkillers are oh-so-nice. Look me up on Steam as UGATX.

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...I've told a few "programmers" off and not so politely for their "help" requests. And, now I've detached my bicep and headed for surgery on Wednesday to get fixed...

I hope those two things have nothing to do with each other, ha, ha.

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Welcome back!


If it makes you feel better I just had a microdiscectomy about 10 days ago so I know how it feels to have to can your physical

projects for awhile....but guess what they will wait for you.


good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery!


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I missed the full C&D thing? What about that?


Welllll.... it comes down to I ran out of money to play the corporate BS games. So the one with less money loses. The company couldn't prove at any point that I infringed on their patents (didn't), couldn't prove that any code was stolen (wasn't) and couldn't prove I disassembled any existing firmwares (really? I'm not that good, not even close). Yet, those were the claims. But because I had previous, hands-on, working knowledge of their equipment.... it goes on and on.


Really, and truly, my programming and hardware design was completely different from anything they were building, designing or publicly documented. I was essentially quashed because my potentially competing hardware would have killed a source of revenue for them. Even though our hardware and system was different and relied on different inputs.


I think that's about as far as I can go with it for 2 years. But I swear a holy hell of fury (and not the kind that involves lawyers) on them if the produce anything remotely or coincidentally similar to my design. Ok, I'm not mad anymore, I promise.


Yeah, as far as the greenhouse goes, it's rocking but any automating equipment was disassembled for review. We grew a ton of cucumbers this past spring with catfish poop though.


@Timotet, I feel ya man. I had that same procedure in '96 before getting my discharge from the AirForce. What kind of pain meds does the Dr have you on? Tell them you want Nucynta. It's new and very nice -doesn't make me hurl like percoset but does cause wild, lucid dreams (just fine by me :crazy: :) )

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I was on the standard issue vicodin for a few days following the surgery, Now Im just doin alleve when needed.

Still having a fair amount of residual pain in my lower leg and ankle, but nothing like prior to surgery.

I would not wish that on my worst enemy! The doc offered some other scripts but Im not much of a pill taker.

Im optimistic that it will all be gone in time.


heres to a speedy recovery to ya!




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Well, welcome back.


I was one of those guys who asked for your code (via this forum) and you were nice enough to respond. I must have asked nicely ;)


I have a similar long term project... I would like use the MSP430 as a solar powered wireless weather station. I took your BMP085 code and turned it into a library and added a Honey well analog humidity sensor. I have it transmitting via UART to a ASUS WL-520gu Wireless Router which reads the serial input and uploads it to a webserver. I might just switch to a Simpliciti based solution, but haven't gotten around to it. I am currently trying to get it to work via an interrupt (eventually plan on using an RTC) but can't get the UART to work after waking up for some reason. I am way over my head/knowledge level, but enjoying it!


The ultimate goal is to learn about the MSP430 and do some data logging for the over dozen dwarf citrus trees I have on the porch.


Did you build your own greenhouse, or did you buy one? I would eventually like one that has some sort of automated heating function for the winter here on the east coast...

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