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Enclosure for a project

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As I'm nearing completion with my project I would like to have some kind of a box for it. First I'll put it on a perfboard.

I've got a dillema, how to choose this box, should I first build the project on perfboard and then start looking for enclosure in which it will fit, or the the other way, first enclosure then the perfboard.

Which way would you recommend to go?


Unfortunately the store I want to order those from doesn't offer diagrams of the enclosures, just the dimensions, sometimes there JPGs with more detailed dimensions, but that's it.


BTW. Do you know some good enclosure providers?

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First you want to consider what size you need, and the environment it will be in, and if it will be visible or not.


If you need a 5"x5"x2.5" box or bigger, in a regular room and visible, try going with a cigar box. Cheap, some are very nice looking, and easy to work with wood.

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