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HC-05/06 Bluetooth one-sided Booster Pack

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Hi everyone!

Based on the HC-05/06 Bluetooth BoosterPack in the store (cannot post links yet, so find it yourselves :lol: ) I wanted to make a one-layer version, with traces coarse enough to be done with the toner transfer method. I live in Chile, and airmail shipments from China (seeed, itead) usually take 5 to 7 weeks, so I designed this to be done in a couple of hours over the weekend. Obviously the one layer is on the top, so pins for breakout would have to be soldered on the bottom, or with some patience/skill on the top. The shape is just bigger than final because it'll be cut after all the etching and drilling is done. Also I put SMD leds and resistors so they can be on the top layer, leaving the bottom for the female/stackable headers.


This is my first PCB design with non-DIP components (and my second or third overall), so there's probably lots of room for improvement. I'll appreciate your comments.



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Looks great! for your first. Do you have a bluetooth module? I can send over one from DX.

Thanks! I do have one from DX. I ordered it like a year ago for a project with a PIC18 (yuck!), before I fell in love with MSP430's. I never got to use it because of its DIP-unfriendliness.


I have two more boosterpacks in mind (hd44780 + 4x4 keypad, and CAN using MCP2515), I'll post when I get them in a decent shape.

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Make sure you post a picture of your final result. I'd be interested to see how it turns out. If you're looking to get some professional looking results I can thoroughly recommend adding your own solder mask - http://www.instructables.com/id/Dry-Film-Solder-Mask/ . I've only used it on a couple of CNC-milled through-hole boards but was very pleased how it turned out.


I spent a couple of weeks in Chile snowboarding a few years ago and thought it was great.

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