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Controlling TLC5940 with MSP430G2553 doesn't work

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Do I need to update DC register before updating GS register? Also, do I need the first cycle flag when not updating it?
No, unless you have changed DC values in EEPROM. Which flag are you referring to? With VPRG and DCPRG grounded, all you need to do is send GS data. You can read status register to see if everything is OK.
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I did this with the 2553 installed in a launchpad with 5940 in breadboard.   Do you get them to light at all? I have the 5940 with all leds burning bright right now using your code. I edited the cod

Same results as Kyle. Added remaining LEDs later on just to make sure LP's LDO is not an issue here and all LEDs light up. My RIREF is 2k2, so the total current is just under 320mA.  

Reset on the 2553, pin 10 in the second schematic, which has nothing connected to it but needs a pull-up resistor to function.

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I am guessing you are referring to SCLK #193. According to spec sheet, you need it only once after DC cycle. However, not all charts support this statement. There seems to be discrepancy (figure 11 & 13 show this extra pulse after each GS cycle.)

I am not changing DC and I don't have those extra pulses and everything seems to be working fine.



I just came across slvc106 and now I know which chart and flag you are talking about.

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