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Sample code to display GPS fix data from the MTK3339 GPS module (group buy #5.)   Raw:   Parsed:   updated 6/30 GPS-630.zip

This is how the GPS logger board looks like. I realized that I don't have any TSSOP EEPROMs on hand (and I am bit tired,) so I will do the testing in few days.         If you don't need

I wrote some code to modify which NMEA sentences the GPS module spits out and their frequency.   If you disable some the logger will have less data to chew through and can spend more time sleeping.

Posted Images

The old version of MTK3339 has built-in datalogging also (a total of 128K of data, about 8000 positions if I remember correctly). I tried it a few weeks ago, worked fine. See



how were u doing the datalogging? ive been trying it for a little while now, but haven't gotten it, and most the resources for it are either for an arduino, or are in another language.

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Hi, I know this is an old thread but...

I'm only using an MSP430g2553 board, MTK3339 and a 5110 display. (no logging)

Are you supposed to get anything on the 5110 display before it gets a lock on?

My display is blank but  I can't get a lock so I'm not sure where the problem is.

From looking at the code I wired the 5110 as follows:

LCD_Clk   - 1.5

LCD_Data - 1.7

LCD_DC    - 1.6

LCD_CE    - 1.4


And of course 5110's Vcc to LP's 3.3V and GND to LP's GND.

similar to your 4ch Voltmeter.

Also, 5110's RST pin to 47k resistor and to 0.1uF capacitor. Resistor to Vcc, capacitor to GND (RC reset.)


3339_3.3v  - VCC

3339_tx      - P1.1

3339_GND - GND





Edit: Replaced faulty bread board, fixed display but will only lock-on outside. Might need to get an external antenna.


The only problem I have now is how to add the right offset to get the correct time. The date is fine however.

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