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Sample code to display GPS fix data from the MTK3339 GPS module (group buy #5.)   Raw:   Parsed:   updated 6/30 GPS-630.zip

This is how the GPS logger board looks like. I realized that I don't have any TSSOP EEPROMs on hand (and I am bit tired,) so I will do the testing in few days.         If you don't need

I wrote some code to modify which NMEA sentences the GPS module spits out and their frequency.   If you disable some the logger will have less data to chew through and can spend more time sleeping.

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Very impressive work RobG! Was looking at a datasheet for this guy and i'm still trying to figure out how it works.

So the module just keeps spitting out GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, and VTG Data? You don't have to send any messages to it? Did you first configure it at all with there USB/UART GUI?

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Finally got my memory chip and finished the logger software (still testing though.)




Here's how it works.

Code which uses logger is responsible for keeping track of time and write address.

After GPS acquires location, memory address is set and timer is started.

During each timer interrupt, location is parsed, then set using setLatitude(), setLongitude(), setTime(), and setDate().

Then writeTimeStamp() or writeDelta() is called. Each write will increase memory location.

Time stamp is 16 bytes long, delta is 4 bytes.

getAbsLatDelta & getAbsLongDelta can be used to determine if there's movement. If there isn't, delta interval can be increased to preserve memory.


One time stamp every minute and delta every 5 seconds will use 3600 bytes per hour.

One time stamp every 5 minutes and delta every 10 seconds will use 1584bytes per hour.


Attached logger code is complete, but should not be used as it is still in progress



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I mentioned this in other data logger thread, wouldn't it be better to add a SD (micro?) card to this better than using a memory chip? If it would store the data directly to the card, (without any FS, just write from the first bit, and add some marker at the end) it wouldn't use much more memory of 2553 and it would definitely by easier to get the data out of it, not to mention the amount of data that could be stored.

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